Live Tour

An unprecedented experience

Immerse yourself in real environments, explore extraordinary places, and connect with expert guides

Jetmap Live Tours are an unprecedented experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in real environments, explore extraordinary places, and connect with expert guides, all while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Through co-browsing you can participate in interactive guided tours, see live locations, and ask questions in real time.

Global Exploration: Discover places you’ve always wanted to visit, unconstrained by time or distance. From the most fascinating cities to natural wonders, the world is just a click away.
Expert Guide: Our experienced local guides will take you on fascinating tours, providing in-depth information, stories and trivia that will make each experience even more engaging.
Real-Time Interaction: Do you have a question or want to know more about what you are seeing? With the interactive platform, you can ask questions and get instant answers.
Authentic Experience: Thanks to live broadcasting, you can capture the unique and authentic atmosphere of the places you visit, experiencing unique sensations as if you were there in person.


Travel virtually and connect with places around the world

Virtual Tourism: Are you passionate about travel and culture? Our Live Tours will allow you to explore exotic destinations, fascinating cities and historic sites, all from the screen of your device.
Special Events: Participate in unique and special events in real time, wherever they take place in the world. Concerts, festivals, celebrations and more, all just a click away.
Training and Education: We offer virtual training opportunities for companies and institutions, enabling them to connect with qualified trainers and speakers without geographical barriers.
Real Estate Tours: If you are a real estate agent or prospective buyer, our Live Tours allow you to explore properties in real time, without having to make physical visits.

If you want to travel virtually and connect with places around the world, our Live Tours are the perfect solution. Contact us to find out how you can start your virtual journey in real time!

official partner

Jetmap is an official partner of Matterport

We can offer you a wider range of services, reducing production time, thanks to Matterport’s revolutionary 3D platform with which rooms can be captured and connected to create fully interactive 3D space models.
Thanks to Matterport, we are able to transform real spaces into immersive digital twins.

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