Virtual Staging

We transform empty or sparsely furnished spaces into welcoming and atmospheric environments

Every environment more inviting and palatable

Jetmap’s Virtual Staging is a form of digital interior design, where through the magic of advanced software, we transform empty or sparsely furnished spaces into cozy and atmospheric environments. You can use virtual furniture and furnishings, enhanced with realistic details, to make any room more inviting and appealing.

Customization: We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and desired style. Each project is unique and customized to meet the expectations and target audience.
RealisticDesign: Using state-of-the-art software and interior design expertise, our designers create virtual spaces with a level of detail and realism that look like they were just taken from a furniture magazine (shadows, textures, lighting, …)
Bringing Life to Properties: Virtual Staging transforms properties for sale or rent into cozy, modern homes. This helps potential buyers visualize their future environment, increasing their desire to buy or rent.


Turn your properties into charming and desirable spaces

Real Estate Virtual Staging: We offer Virtual Staging services for real estate agents, owners and developers, transforming empty spaces into cozy, furnished environments.
Virtual Redesign: If you want to make changes to an existing room, our Virtual Redesign service allows you to see the potential for rearranging furniture without having to physically move furniture.

Whether you are a real estate agent, landlord or developer, our Virtual Staging service will transform your properties into charming and desirable spaces.
Contact us to find out how Virtual Staging can increase the value and appeal of your properties in the marketplace!

official partner

Jetmap is an official partner of Matterport

We can offer you a wider range of services, reducing production time, thanks to Matterport’s revolutionary 3D platform with which rooms can be captured and connected to create fully interactive 3D space models.
Thanks to Matterport, we are able to transform real spaces into immersive digital twins.



What types of rooms can be furnished with the Virtual Staging service?

Virtual Staging service can be used to virtually furnish a wide range of environments, including houses for sale, apartments for rent, offices, hotels, commercial spaces, businesses, ...

What are the advantages of Virtual Staging over traditional staging?

Virtual Staging is a cheaper and faster solution than traditional staging, where furniture needs to be physically transported and installed. In addition, Virtual Staging allows people to experiment with different furniture solutions without having to make physical changes to the rooms.

How much does the Virtual Staging service cost?

For detailed pricing information, please contact us through our contact form or via the chat button on FB indicating the service you are interested in.

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