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Our workshops are designed for those who wish to learn and refine their professional skills on the graphic and digital side by approaching these areas through hands-on, interactive classes.

Personal Interaction: Our workshops provide an opportunity to interact directly with faculty. You can get immediate answers to all your questions and constant support in real time.
Practical Learning: Nothing replaces practical learning! During our workshops, you will immediately put what you learn into practice, consolidating your skills with real-world experiences.
Immediate Feedback: You will receive immediate feedback from our experts, helping you improve your skills and refine your style.
Inspiration from the Group: Participating in in-person workshops will allow you to connect with other people with the same passion as you, inspiring and stimulating your creativity.

official partner

Jetmap is an official partner of Matterport

We can offer you a wider range of services, reducing production time, thanks to Matterport’s revolutionary 3D platform with which rooms can be captured and connected to create fully interactive 3D space models.
Thanks to Matterport, we are able to transform real spaces into immersive digital twins.


Our available workshops

Web Design Course - Wordpress

Fundamentals of Web Design: Learn the essential principles of Web Design, from the use of colors to typography, to create harmonious and appealing Web sites.

User Interface (UI) Design: Delve into user interface design, focused on the visual appearance and usability of your website.

User Experience Design (UX): Learn how to improve the user experience on your website, making it intuitive and easy to navigate.

Responsive Design: Learn how to create responsive websites, which automatically adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring an optimal experience on all devices.

Learn the secrets and techniques to independently create your own business website, blog or portfolio. Contact us to receive more information about the workshop price and to find out program details.

Photography Course - Basic

Principles of Photography: Learn the basics of photography, from exposure concepts to composition techniques.

Portrait Photography: Improve your skills in portrait photography, capturing the expression and personality of your subjects.

Landscape Photography: Explore the beauty of landscape photography by learning how to capture breathtaking views.

Product Photography: Learn how to enhance products with photography, creating eye-catching, high-quality images.

Contact us to receive more information about the workshop price and to find out program details.



How can I register for workshops?

To register for workshops, simply fill out the contact form indicating the course you are interested in. We will email you all the directions to proceed with payment.

What is the duration of the workshops?

The duration of the workshops varies depending on the course chosen. Some workshops may last a few hours, while others may last several days. Contact us to receive the detailed schedule of the course you are interested in and its duration.

Where can I find the price of workshops?

For detailed information about the prices of our courses, please contact us through our contact form or via the chat button on FB.

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